Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Archangel Michael Medallion

First, if you look at the medallion you will see the secret angelic prayer inscribed in 24 karat Gold around its perimeter. It is written in Enochian, the language of angels, so no one but you will be able to use it. I will send you this secret prayer with your medallion. You must recite it three times. This will charge your medallion and open a "Portal" to the angels.

Second, notice Archangel Michael's flaming swords. These are symbols of righteousness, which he will use to protect you from all forms of negative entities. There is one in each quadrant of your Medallion. These quadrants represent the 4 points on a compass. This will protect you from harm from any direction as well as attract good fortune and opportunity from any direction.

Third, in the very center of this incredible piece is the Sun. The Sun represents the power of the Archangel Michael to lead the souls of his believers into the Eternal Light of love and good fortune.

Next, you'll notice the interlacing patterns at the top of each quadrant. These are ancient keltoi knot patterns taken from "The book of Kells". They have been used for 1000's of years to trap powerful energies and when grouped with the other elements, they make it possible to "magically" summon spiritual entities, such as the Archangel Michael, for help, direction, companionship and miracles.

Lastly, you will notice the Gold "Ley" lines. ("Ley" is the old Saxon word for "cleared path.") These are "lines of power," as we call them today. They are identical to the lines found on Neolithic monuments in England. These lines have been used for 1000's of years to guide ancient man to the invisible pathways of energy that connect spiritual powers (like angels) to human beings.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dear Tadeus,

It's true. Bethea recently sent you an email in which she explained, with proof, the special place Friday the 13th holds in world history and what you, Tadeus, could hope for on this date of extraordinary luck!

Now, when Bethea told me that she didn't hear back from you I knew I had to write you immediately. I'd hate for you to miss this chance to gain the immense benefits that could be yours, starting on Friday, October 13th, 2006, and which promises to launch you on an unbelievable lucky streak that will last for 365 days after this powerful event!


Why? Because, contrary to popular superstition, Friday the 13th can (especially for certain individuals) actually be a day of significant good fortune and opportunity.

And I will show you exactly how you can be
one of those certain very lucky individuals,
starting on Friday, October 13th!

I have here in front of my eyes letters from friends who got my help in discovering the secrets of how to turn bad luck into powerful good luck and positive breakthroughs. Here is an example:

"I just have to share with you my piece of good luck. A few days ago, after I received your predictions...I won $1000! I had never won $1000 before. It was such a blessing and an answer to my prayers. Thanks again and God bless you for using your gift to help others..."
- A.M.A., VA

With the huge number of people who have profited from this day, I could go on forever. But the purpose of this letter is not to make you regret what you might've missed in the past, but to offer you YOUR VERY OWN CHANCE to benefit from this "day unlike any other day."


The power of Friday the 13th is serious business! Whether you believe in superstitions or not, their power to affect innumerable aspects of every day life is undeniable.

For example, baseball, "America's game," is famous for its superstitions. In 1996 John Wetteland, closing pitcher for the New York Yankees, refused to change his cap for the entire regular and post baseball season. He ended up leading the Yankees to their first World Series win since 1978, broke an eighteen-year streak of bad luck, and was ultimately voted Most Valuable Player of the championship series.

Streets named by numbers often skip the number 13, and in high rise buildings, the twelfth floor is almost always followed immediately by the 14th floor. The 13th floor is simply "skipped" over or given a "safer" label.

Science itself has proven the power of superstitions in
general and of Friday the 13th in particular...

Every Friday the 13th coincides with a measurable economic downturn. On that day people tend to avoid travel, business transactions, and contact with the outside world. As a result the restaurant, vacation, and entertainment industries lose billions of dollars.

But there's more to it than just people's fears. Scientific studies performed in Britain proved that although fewer people drive on Friday the 13th, the number of collision-related hospital admissions is significantly greater than on normal Fridays.

Are people just driving "spooked" on Friday the 13th...so that they're jittery and more prone to foolish mistakes? Does the economy take a dip because nervous people simply stay home? Do superstitious practices just enhance a baseball player's sense of security and confidence and help him succeed?

Possibly, but I think it's something more than that, don't you?

I want to tell you a secret: Friday the 13th
is actually an incredible force for good luck and prosperity

The legend of the number 13 itself goes back to 600 B.C. and the philosophy of Pythagoras, who believed that 13 did not mean a cutoff, but rather a chance for evolution and change. It did not point to warnings of endings but rather to new beginnings. Thus, it was a number to be favored and a favorable date on which to enter this world.

Friday the 13th was also a holy day in the Church. A true miracle occurred at St. Paul's Cathedral, in London, on Friday the 13th in December, 1940. The lives of hundreds of people were saved when the famous church remained untouched during one of the worst air raids in the history of World War II.

This magical day has even made baseball history! On Friday, April 13, 1984, Pete Rose hit a double off Jerry Koosman in Olympic Stadium to become only the second player to reach the 4,000-hit level, after Ty Cobb.

Regardless of Friday the 13th's history, there is an inexplicable sense that luck can be dramatically altered on this date -- a feeling so strong that, as studies have shown, it affects the fortunes of millions of people throughout the world.

But, unlike you, Tadeus, these people do not know how to take the power of Friday the 13th and turn it into a force for incredible good luck and prosperity! That is why I don't want you to miss...


And believe me, because it's the last Friday the 13th of 2006, you must not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES miss this tremendously lucky date!


Do you know that most people wait for beneficial events to come to them?

This is a mistake! Not only will they have to wait a very long time before any beneficial event occurs, but on top of that, there is no evidence to show that, if a person is not ready to receive them, these happy events will ever come to pass!

The only truly successful method I know of for taking advantage of beneficial events is to be one step ahead of them...to actually encourage wonderful things to happen to you. This is the way - the only way - you stand any chance of winning something.

If, on the other hand, you choose (as I would) to be one step ahead of these beneficial events, I can help you. I can reveal to you, among other things, how to obtain from this day of blessings, and the other 365 days following it, benefits you will treasure for the rest of your life.

You can be one of the few, lucky individuals who gains from this day. You'll be free and empowered to buy lottery tickets, change jobs, purchase homes, travel to gambling casinos and engage in any and every other conceivable activity where fate might have an opportunity to give you a happy pat on the shoulder.


Why? Because unlike most people who only hope for good luck, your luck is already waiting for you to draw it in. Fortunately too, I stand ready to assist you in ATTRACTING as much luck and good fortune as possible, helping you to capitalize on Friday, October 13th's own POSITIVE energy.

How? By providing you with a very special Talisman that will help you to function as a virtual "psychic magnet" so that you can pull in all the money, romance, power and good fortune that my senses tell me will soon be within your reach.


First of all, it is absolutely vital that you wear, on Friday, October 13th, 2006 and for the 365 days following it, a very specially energized talisman...


Crafted in genuine 24K gold vermeil, for purity and protection, I had the "Medallion of Hope" made to reflect the design of an ancient talisman I received from a friend and that has brought me incalculable success and happiness over the years.

I want you to have this medallion, so you too can uncover its secrets and invaluable benefits.

Prominently featuring three mystical symbols, the "Medallion of Hope" has the power to attract and magnify your good luck on this unique Friday the 13th (the only such occurrence this year).

The Dragon:
Energetic, strong-willed and tough...and celebrated as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture...the Dragon represents success in business and financial matters.

The Ankh:
The ancient symbol of both physical love, the union of male and female, and spiritual love, the Ankh represents harmony and oneness between heaven and earth.

The Eagle:
The soaring symbol of rebirth represents the triumph of spiritual power over sickness and the ability to see the world around you, zero in on an opportunity, swoop in and seize it.

Your 24K Gold Vermeil "Medallion of Hope" has been designed around one of the most powerful metaphysical symbols known, The Mandala.

This symbol represents the intersection of cosmic events and earthly experiences. The circle enclosing the square represents the heavens surrounding the earth. The cardinal points, representing entrances, one on each side of the square, represent transitional axes where the transfer of energy between heaven and earth takes place.

The Mandala is believed to concentrate the positive energy of the universe within its form. You might even feel a mild tingling when you wear your Medallion.

As you can see, the symbols I've already told you about, by themselves, make this an incredibly powerful piece. However, I have incorporated additional symbols in your "Medallion of Hope" to enhance and extend its considerable power.

The Torch:
The emblem of Eros and Aphrodite, it symbolizes the flame of love.
The Compass:
Contained in a circle of perfection and quartered by the four points, it is a symbol of reason and knowledge.

The Key:
A symbol of both opening and closing, it represents the ability to unlock hidden secrets.

The Laurel Garland:
This symbol of purity represents victory and success.

Plus, you'll get the purity and protection of gold and
the calming, healing power of silver

Your precious vermeil "Medallion of Hope" is forged from two of the most powerful precious metals on earth --Sterling Silver and a genuine 24K Gold. For millennia, Gold has been prized for its purity and wealth-attracting energies. And lustrous Sterling Silver, with its superlative reflective properties, radiates with energy of healing, calm, and protection.

With your "Medallion of Hope" you can immediately prepare yourself for an incredible year of change that starts Friday the 13th, October, 2006!

If you prepare yourself for good fortune, Tadeus, positive vibrations of destiny will shower you with good luck and prosperity!

In this way, Friday the 13th will bring new beginnings and change to your life - but not just any beginnings or change. It will help draw dynamic opportunities of the kind you have long dreamed of!

As you wear your medallion on Friday, October 13th, don't just sit back and let things happen to you. This is a time to take action! Serious action! For efforts made on Friday the 13th have been known to be as much as four times as powerful as they would be on any ordinary day.

Remember, extraordinary things happen when the number 13 combines with Friday to create a magical vibration. That's because this is when the auspicious number 13 is combined with the powers of Venus, the planet of love and good fortune that rules Fridays.

An incredible value, exclusively for you

With the tremendous power of its unique, ancient symbolism -- forged in genuine 24K gold vermeil -- the "Medallion of Hope" is a truly rare and incredible value, unavailable in stores or on the web. But I'm providing this precious opportunity to you now because your happiness is so important to me.

That is why it is a pleasure for me to offer you the "Medallion of Hope" at a very special price of $6.95 to cover shipping, handling and insurance, so you can have 30 days to use and enjoy your medallion. If after those 30 days, you choose to keep your "Medallion of Hope," you will be billed in four easy installments of only $19.95. That's right, it's that simple, Tadeus!


There is no other explanation, to my knowledge, for all the beneficial events that happen on Friday the 13th.

But if by chance no particularly beneficial event brightens your existence within the 365 days following Friday, October 13th, 2006 -- or if at any time, for any reason, you are not happy with your "Medallion of Hope" -- I promise here and now to reimburse you fully, including all shipping, handling and insurance costs, immediately,...with no explanation necessary.

That's right, Tadeus! You can get your "Medallion of Hope" and keep it with you to seize all the Good Fortune that will surround you on Friday, October 13th -- and on every Friday the 13th in the years that follow -- and you can send it back to me at any time and receive a complete refund. That is how much I believe in the power of this rare talisman and why I am extending you my personal unconditional lifetime moneyback guarantee, with absolutely no hesitation.

So, what can you possibly lose by seeing for yourself, the incredible power of this lucky talisman? Why not try to draw a shower of wealth, romance, and other wonderful benefits to yourself?

Thanks to the "Medallion of Hope," you will be more receptive to the positive rays emitted on Friday the 13th of October, 2006, and your good fortune will carry over, powerfully, for a whole year.

Over those 365 days, at least three beneficial, if not miraculous, events will change your life. These events may be such unexpected blessings as winning a million or more dollars in the lottery...the return of a lost love...an unexpected offer of work...the solution to a problem that seems impossible to you...any of these wonderful things that you've wanted for such a long time.

You are quite likely to see them happen within the next two months....But DON'T FORGET THE TWO THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU ENJOY THE BLESSINGS OF THESE 365 DAYS:

1. You must wear your personal energized Medallion for 365 days beginning Friday, October 13th, 2006.

2. You must follow my advise in the "Secret Mystical Report on Friday the 13th," that I will provide, in a sealed envelope, as my FREE gift to you. These instructions are so powerful they can completely turn your luck around for the best. But I will provide them to you FREE, of course, as my gift to you.


Here is a quote from yet another of the people who have benefited from my advice. For instance:

"It has helped me so much. This is the first time I ever felt like a winner. Thanks again for your help. It changed my outlook for good."

- F.L., Martinsburg, W. VA.

Don't let the luck generated by Friday the 13th pass you by. It really would be a pity for you, your family and those close to you. Even more so since, as I have already told you, I have assumed all the risk, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by accepting my proposition.

So don't waste a minute, Tadeus, to begin your Special "365 days of Happiness" for the period of luck starting Friday, October 13th, 2006, just click the button below today.

Hurry, time is running out rapidly! Friday the 13th is much closer than you think. It really would be a pity to let such happiness pass you by just because of a question of time. Act quickly, Tadeus - it's in your own best interest.


Make sure you have a Lucky Four-Leaf Clover to attract the maximum rewards.
Dear Tadeus,
When I stumble upon something I know will be terrific for you, you know how I can hardly wait to tell you about it. This is one of those times.
In fact, this is so exciting, and I'm typing so fast, I only hope what I write is readable and not so full of typos you'll give up and stop reading.
Please bear with me, my friend!
The thing is, when I was going over my planetary charts recently to see what was coming up, my attention kept being pulled back again and again to the date of October 6th.
I knew right away that this must have happened for a special reason, that October 6th must have a very powerful significance. And I was right!
On October 6, the Full Moon in the sign of Aries, the sign of power and new beginnings, will sextile Neptune, the planet of love, miracles and magic, signifying an especially enriching and important time for you, when you can take full advantage of extra special luck.
It's a time that can signify tremendously positive changes in your life and can finally bring you all the wealth, joy and peace of mind we both know you've deserved for so long, but which has been so hard for you to find.
On October 6th all of that can change. And to make sure that you take full advantage of all this potential, there is something you must have in your possession.
A four-leaf clover is your wealth-attracting magnet
You've heard of the expression being "in clover", right? It means: "Living a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity".
A four-leaf clover is rare. So are you, Tadeus. It makes perfect sense that you can use it to get everything you're entitled to.
You know that fabulous cruise you've always wanted to take? The one to the Caribbean? Well, I can see you up on deck with a glass of first-class champagne, laughing in the intoxicating moonlight, the life of the party. But it all starts with a four-leaf clover.
And what about that car you always wanted to drive? The one that makes your eyes tear up when you see the commercials because you want it so badly, and just cannot see how things will ever rearrange themselves so it's possible for you to have?
What if I told you to start picking out what model, color and options you want, because there's a chance you might be driving that car sooner than you might ever imagine?
And it all begins with wearing a four-leaf clover.
Sometimes, when nature really over-achieves, it gives its clover that very lucky fourth leaf, some say signifying God's grace. The more leaves, the more luck.
Wearing something lucky can make you lucky. It's that simple!
Tadeus, wearing your own special four-leaf clover is the secret that can help you to capitalize on all the amazing forces about to come together for you now.
You know me and you know I am always here for you, checking and rechecking to see how and when you can take advantage of special dates and planetary positions.
I want you to take advantage of this opportunity.
The secret is the real four-leaf clover inside
Take a look at this fantastic-looking Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Pendant. It comes to you all ready to work its own particular magic, with a real four-leaf clover embedded inside, encased in resin. And it even comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity, so you are assured that it is genuine.
Wearing it means facing life with a real advantage, your own forceful and empowering tool. And the knowledge that from now on, good luck will always be with you and you can soon be showered with all the money and all-around GOOD FORTUNE you've been waiting for.
You'll also get my spectacular FREE GIFT:A gorgeous sterling-silver chain
And to show you that my heart is behind this 100% Tadeus, right now when you click below and order your Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Pendant, I will also send you, completely free of charge, a beautiful sterling-silver 18-inch chain to wear it on.
You'll also get a handy, helpful booklet, showing you how to get the most out of this luck-attracting talisman, all for the special price of $19.95. And because I believe in this so much and I know how important this is for you, I will assume all of the risk.
That means that if for any reason, at any time, the Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Pendant doesn't meet your very highest expectations -- you can feel free to send it back and I will refund your payment in full, including shipping and handling, without delay and with no explanations necessary. But you can keep your beautiful sterling-silver chain as my free gift to you, regardless.
There's no such thing as too much good luck
It was the notable, some would say notorious, Duchess of Windsor who famously said: "You can never be too rich". Well, with all due respect to the Duchess, I'd like to add something to her words: You can also never be too lucky. No matter how lucky you might have been in the past, there's always something else you long for, aspire to, dearly hope for.
That's just human nature.
Making your own luck is an art --and a necessity
Once you have clicked below, ordered and I've sent you your Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Pendant, you'll learn a very happy lesson: That good luck creates more good luck.
The trick is turning your luck around in the first place. Then, you are definitely on your way!
Wouldn't you like, finally, to be one of those people who can't help but be lucky?
You deserve nothing less. This, finally, is the time when you can reach out and be rewarded for your patience and your goodness.
I want your life to be a glorious journey filled with riches, love, joy, hope and real accomplishment.
There isn't a moment to lose.It is time to take control!
Remember, in life, luck can sometimes be summoned. I am urging you, strongly, to begin to take steps to summon YOURS on October 6th, your very special day. The Duchess of Windsor talked about being rich but what she was really talking about was being LUCKY.
Your own Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Pendant, Tadeus, will put you on the road to that luck, one miracle, one leaf at a time.

Monday, October 23, 2006


When infused with the power of the Full Moon on the 5th, it will deliver unbelievable advantages and opportunities to Cancers.

The Blessed Keeper Amulet
A full 1 1/16 square of Pure, Solid, Sterling Silver-
1/8 of an inch thick!

Being a Cancer, I’m sure you already know you’re reliable, devoted, flexible and noble. You’re also aware of everything around you and extremely entrepreneurial. You’re good at spotting trends, and like being on the cutting edge. Additionally, you have a great memory, which you use to create things almost everyone relates to.

But, you can get overly sensitive at times, which makes you suspicious, jealous and controlling. You can also let your imagination get away from you, and become unfocused, which causes you to miss out on some truly great opportunities.

And this is exactly why I thought this amazing amulet, called a Blessed Keeper, and 2 special Gifts would help you...

Attract and lock-in all kinds of rewards, advantages and opportunities.

Energize your inner being so you can use the rewards, advantages and opportunities to enrich your life.

Strengthen the abilities and talents you already possess, so it will be easy for you to do this.

Even more importantly, surround you in Luck. And you know what they say, "It's better to be lucky than good". However, you will be both lucky and good, so nothing will be able to stand between you and the fulfillment of your dreams. (What could be better than that?)

If you act now, you'll immediately be able to use the Full Moon to make this amazing amulet even stronger!
On November 5th you will have an easy way to further increase the power of this remarkable amulet with the energy of a Full Moon.

Actually, I was thinking about how we could use the Full Moon's incredible powers, when I remembered that Blessed Keepers, crafted out of Solid Sterling Silver, can absorb and store this extraordinary power so it would always be at hand. Then, I began thinking how these powers could be combined with the Blessed Keeper's and the talents and abilities you have as a Cancer, and I knew I must email you immediately.

Now let me tell you what I know about this...

Extraordinary Pieces Created Over 3500 Years Ago
"Blessed Keepers", like the one I want you to have were first carried by the ruling class of a fierce warrior tribe that swept down from the Russian Steppe into the prehistoric forests of Europe, more than 3,500 years ago.

The ancient Greeks called these people the Keltoi (the secret people) -- Today we call these peoples the Celts.
They are considered one of the most remarkable, powerful and magical people ever to walk the earth.

It is said that the Keltoi even worked with angels

In fact, it was the Keltoi, who created the magnificent "Book of Kells", more than 800 years ago. This extraordinary work of art, containing the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, is renowned for the stunningly complex illustrations and designs it contains.

In fact, these designs are so breath-taking that in one decoration alone, which occupies a mere one inch square piece of one page, it is possible to count as many as 158 complex interlacements of white ribbon with a black border on either side.

Even more remarkably, many other decorations and illustrations can only be fully appreciated with a magnifying glass, although glasses of the required power were not invented until four hundred years after the book's completion.

And this fact has led many people to believe that Angels directed and helped the Keltoi create this truly remarkable work of art.

The Angelic Magic That Created "The Book Of Kells"

Is In Each Blessed Keeper!

The same Keltoian magic that went into the creation of "The Book of Kells" also permeated the "Blessed Keeper" amulets the Keltoi Priests crafted, to protect the tribe's Chieftains.

The Priests infused these amulets with the 4 elements of power; earth, water, air and fire. They then brought these powers to life with magical enchantments some believe were created by the Angels themselves, because they were written in a secret language.

These enchantments appear on each side of the Blessed Keeper. (The English translations appear next to each enchantment described below.)

And In The Center Of The Blessed Keeper...
Powerful Symbols Of Luck, Growth and Success

At the center of the Blessed Keeper are symbols created thousands of years ago -- entwined spirals surrounded by an interlocking knot pattern.

The knot pattern represents the interconnectivity of man, the earth and the unseen magical powers, that create paths and events that can change our destinies.

The entwined spirals, a symbol of good luck, helps attract the multi-dimensional energy of the universe that creates opportunities, benefits and advantages to us.

Together, the interlacing knot pattern and the entwined spirals are said to work synergistically, producing and capturing powerful magical energies, that when grouped with enchantments, permits the owner of this talisman to summon Angels for help and guidance.

Forged From Solid Sterling Silver,

The Most Magical Metal On Earth...

Sterling Silver is so powerful, it is mentioned in the book of Genesis.

What's more, it is so protective that Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine (and of course the Hippocratic oath), wrote about silver's protective, healing and anti-disease properties more than 2400 years ago. And Silver's powers have proved Hippocrates right, because Silver is used today to treat and prevent an ever-widening range of diseases and infections.

Furthermore, Silver is even used in hospital dressings to prevent burn victims from getting serious infections.

But those are only two of Silver's remarkable powers. It also absorbs magical energy, like that from the Moon, as well as enhances psychic abilities and intuitive perception.

What's more, Silver's ability to reflect and magnify energy (which is why it is used in mirrors and telescopes), will also magnify other powers like that of the Full Moon and enchantments like those around the Blessed Keepers perimeter.

And Enriched By The Powers Of The Full Moon

By doing a simple ceremony at the beginning of the Full Moon, while wearing or holding your Blessed Keeper, you will absorb the magical power of the moon which will create a seed of change.

As this seed is nourished by the absorbed energy, it will start to grow and eventually become powerful enough to help you change your destiny.

At first, you will only notice small changes, but as the moon gains in strength each day, you will notice bigger changes in your motivation and ideas. You will also feel an upsurge of energy and confidence. You will sense you are going in a direction that you always wanted to go in, and this feeling will also grow stronger each day.

And this energy and confidence, Tadeus, coupled with the Power of the Blessed Keeper, and the Solid, Sterling Silver it is forged from, will make it not only possible, but inevitable that you get what you most desire. (And even better keep it.)

3 Free Gifts That Will Help You Take Advantage Of The Powers Of Your Blessed Keeper
(To see these gifts click on the box below.)

A stunning 18" Sterling Silver Chain

This exquisitely crafted chain is the perfect complement to your Blessed Keeper Amulet. You see, not only is it beautiful, but Pure Sterling Silver is considered the most magical, spiritually powerful and incredibly protective metal on Earth.

The Blessed Keeper Guide
This easy to read guide will give you everything you need to know about the history, power and uses of the Blessed Keeper Amulet.

It will make it easy for you to immediately begin incorporating this amulet's amazing energy and powers, so you can instantly begin experiencing and taking advantage of its extraordinary powers and use them to strengthen the abilities you've inherited from being a Cancer.

A Spectacular Black Velvet presentation/protection box with matching interior

A handsome Black Velvet presentation box with matching black velvet interior. This special box allows you to impressively exhibit this finely crafted, magical piece of art, when you're not wearing it on its beautiful sterling silver chain.

In addition, this beautifully finished box has a spring-loaded hinge that snaps shut with a muffled click, so you know your masterpiece of design, craftsmanship, materials and power is absolutely, positively safe.

Better yet, since I think a Cancer like you will get many benefits and Blessings from this empowering and inspiring amulet, all you have to do is...

Knowing how much this can really help you enrich and enhance your life, I want to make sure this medallion that is a full 1 1/16 inch square and 1/8" thick, is in your hands so it can absorb the Full Moon's energy on the 5th.